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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire students today so they can better prepare for tomorrow.

Our Story

UpperCampus was founded by former business and technology executives from Google, Facebook and Oracle. Our extended team is comprised of educators, technologists, storytellers, and entrepreneurs and is heavily grounded in building technology platforms that are functional, educational, engaging, fun, and social at the core.


Since the start of UpperCampus, the company has employed over 250 high school and college interns to help design and build a product FOR students. We firmly believe that the student is at the core of all we do, and thus having students as part of our team and helping to guide product direction is a must.

As three dads with tech backgrounds, we saw a gap in our children's education as it related to college and career readiness. Our kids have all had amazing teachers and counselors to help direct them, but at the end of the day, the technology products used to support this process are lacking in educational and engaging capacities.  We believe every student deserves a better experience - one that educates and inspires them to do great things. 

We are here to help and hope collectively, we can rethink how we better prepare our students for their future. We hope you will join us in our mission to inspire students today, while preparing them for tomorrow.

Greg Tagaris

Co-Founder, CTO

Adam Benjamin

Co-Founder, CEO

Max Clark

Co-Founder, COO

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