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Our Mission

Inspire students today so they can better prepare for tomorrow.

Our Story

UpperCampus was founded by former business and technology executives from Google, Facebook and Oracle. Since the start of UpperCampus, the company has employed over 250 high school and college interns to help design and build a product FOR students. Our extended team is comprised of educators, technologists, storytellers, and entrepreneurs and is heavily grounded in building technology platforms that are functional, educational, engaging, fun, and social at the core. 

With that said, UpperCampus has developed a unique learning platform to bridge the gaps that currently exist between the three stages of the student journey. We've created three products: UpperCampus Explore, UpperCampus Prep, and UpperCampus Connect.

The UpperCampus Platform

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Designed to feel like your favorite social media applications, UpperCampus Explore is a free student mobile app.

Key Features:
  • Thousands of YouTube videos, TikToks, and custom created videos about different careers and companies

  • Content from school alumni networks

  • Employer specific content including  careers, internships, company values,  and diversity and inclusion initiatives

  • Student surveys and polls

  • A career assessment that matches students with careers, majors and general areas of interest

  • Student Blueprint that allows students to keep track of all of their academic, athletic, and extracurricular accomplishments

  • Industry Clusters that provide a comprehensive overview of different sectors

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UpperCampus Prep prepares students for the often stiff and nerve-racking interview process with a fun and creative twist: by turning students into storytellers.

Key Features:
  • Students are presented with short and interactive challenges that will help them think on their feet and craft  authentic and unique responses to common interview questions and scenarios

  • The self-recording process mirrors the video interview process

  • Student videos are submitted for feedback from career services advisors, teachers, school alumni, and UpperCampus career coaches

  • Employers can sponsor challenges, providing a new and unique learning experience that fosters real world conversations

  • Easy-to-use administrative interface for career services teams to manage student progress

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For Schools

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Connect for schools is a content management solution that gives schools the ability to post content to their students, create events, polls and surveys, and view detailed reporting.

Key Features:
  • School brand page with featured video and school information

  • Ability to publish content to the student app only for students of the school

  • Interactive school created surveys and polls

  • Video mentor functionality

  • School and student activity reporting

  • Blueprint resume reporting

  • CTE requirements tracking

  • Custom school calendar functionality

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For Employers

Connect for employers is a content management solution that allows companies to nurture and attract talent earlier in the funnel with the ability to showcase who they are, what they stand for, and what they're looking for in a way that engages students of the tech generation.

Key Features:
  • Employer brand page with featured videos highlighting key attributes such as company culture, diversity and inclusion, and other employer differentiators

  • Ability to publish company related content to the UpperCampus student app

  • Interactive student surveys and polls

  • Content segmentation capabilities

  • Employee video mentor functionality

  • Internship and Job postings

  • Insights and reporting


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