Students create custom profiles centered on interests, favorite school subjects, interesting companies, and other criteria. 


Companies post stories related to their people, mission, culture and career opportunities, showcasing their brand. 


High schools and colleges have access to administrative dashboards allowing them to view reports and post engaging content.

Our algorithm optimizes content based on interest levels and engagement, providing a trusted source to complement a student's journey. 

The intuitive user interface is similar to Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms and provides bite-sized content that's easy for students to consume and navigate.

The feed displays a variety of career content to help students learn about different careers, companies, gain insights and advice from alumni and experts across a variety of fields. 

Our Student Blueprint helps career advisors and guidance counselors better understand trends across their student body and improve relationships with individual students.

Intuitive User Interface

Unique Career Content

Personalized User Experience

Improved Students Insights

“You should have really good career advice
before you decide on your major and how
much money you need to borrow to go to
college. And instead we do the opposite.”

Brandon Busteed, Executive Dir., Education &

Workforce Development, Gallup

We believe every student deserves mentorship and access to all career opportunities that exist, so we decided to make the platform free for all students and schools.

Easy registration. Not another personality quiz

We understand personality quizzes can be long and arduous. We also understand it's difficult to articulate what you want to do with your life.


We simply ask you provide some general interests, subjects, and brand preferences to populate your feed with personalized career content.

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Executive Dir., Education & Workforce Development, Gallup