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Supporting Connecticut Students:

AdvanceCT and the Governor’s Workforce Council have partnered with UpperCampus, a leading technology company in career readiness software, to design CampusCT, a mobile experience built exclusively for Connecticut students.

Showing Connecticut Undergrads they don’t have to leave to succeed

We educate Connecticut college students at our renowned, world class institutions, yet we rank 41st nationally in retaining them. We know we can do better. CampusCT aims to increase awareness of the state’s innovative employers as well as highlight all the diverse quality of life assets here for them as they launch their careers.


With CampusCT, Connecticut students are presented with a personal mobile experience where they can scroll through daily content related to:

  • company and career opportunities in our great state,

  • various lifestyle activities, professional networking, and all the happenings in our communities,

  • and the connections and relationships needed to put down roots in Connecticut.

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An Exclusive opportunity for Connecticut employers & Schools


CampusCT employer partners have the opportunity to engage Connecticut students by providing exclusive content and a look into your company’s mission, culture, diversity and inclusion initiatives, the careers you offer and why Connecticut offers your employees great opportunities for success and happiness.

For schools, UpperCampus offers multiple products that will create an engaging career exploration and preparation experience for students, showcasing our incredible Connecticut employers and careers. Schools and students must be enrolled with UpperCampus to have access to this exclusive opportunity.

Thank you to our

employer partners

Want to learn more? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UpperCampus + CampusCT partnership?

The Connecticut Governor’s Workforce Council has partnered with AdvanceCT to provide the CampusCT mobile experience through UpperCampus to create a destination for Connecticut students to gain exposure to all of the incredible companies and career opportunities that exist in the state of Connecticut, with accompanying professional development and lifestyle curated content to connect the student to the community.


What will the Connecticut Student experience be like?

Connecticut students preparing to enter the workforce will have special access to the CampusCT section of the UpperCampus Explore app. Designed to look and feel like popular social media apps, students can scroll through an expansive library of career, lifestyle and company related content that will help them envision a successful career right here in Connecticut.


How is UpperCampus different from other student recruiting tools? 

There are some great tools in the student recruiting ecosystem that you might already utilize. We are fans of them and view them as complementary resources for your talent acquisition initiatives. As one university partner put it, student job boards are the final 5 yards in helping a student apply for an open job and the UpperCampus platform is the 95 yard drive to march them down the field to get there. Where other products might offer a point solution for mock interviews, career fair management, or job boards, UpperCampus is designed to inspire students to discover insights about the possible career path for their future long before they’re applying for jobs.


Our goal is to give students access to the employee experience– a comprehensive look into your company’s culture, diversity and inclusion initiatives, mission, the careers you offer, and the opportunities to grow– so that when the time comes to search for job openings, they’re searching for a specific role at your company.

Who is the UpperCampus Team?

UpperCampus was founded by executives from Facebook, Google and Oracle who saw a gap in the student’s journey from the classroom to the workforce.  Collectively, we have started and built multiple companies from the ground up as well as run divisions of some of the largest companies in the world.  As our kids went through school and were given access to a variety of "career tools", we knew that there was a better and more engaging way for students to learn about every career path, every company, and every combination of the two. Since inception, we’ve hired over 400 student interns to help build the UpperCampus platform - built for students, by students.

I am already a CampusCT Partner. Where can I find onboarding materials?

Click here to view and download the CampusCT onboarding materials for your school and students. 

Ready to Support CT Students?

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