employers find quality talent

Nurture your next pool of talent early, and lead them right to your doorstep.

UpperCampus allows employers to weave their brand and talent acquisition strategies into the fabric of the student’s educational journey early in the process, not only helping to educate the next generation of workforce talent, but also developing future leaders of their companies. 

Explore career candidates
build brand awareness

Build brand awareness

Showcase your brand to high school and college students nationwide

Nuture the next pool of talent

Nurture the next pool of talent

Engage students earlier in the search and selection process

find quality talent

Find quality talent 

Identify candidates who share your company's values 

streamline talent acquisition

Streamline talent acquisition

Take a more holistic approach to talent acquisition  

Finding the right talent is a challenge and getting them up to speed on your company and their role takes time. Employers need to start the education and recruiting process earlier in the student journey.

70% of U.S. employers will hire new graduates this year, marking their first job in the workforce. Almost half of these employers say that this is the hardest role for them to fill.


Why? Companies continue to rely on traditional models of posting an open role and receiving a static resume without any proof points in order to find top talent. 

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