Frequently Asked Questions 


Is there a cost for schools or students to use UpperCampus?

No, the UpperCampus platform is free to our partner high schools, colleges, and their faculty.  Students can download the app for free. Our goal is to level the playing field of access to career pathways and guidance for all students, regardless of socioeconomic background, home resources or school budgets.


Does the school have to authorize each student?

No, any student can download the UpperCampus app, from the Apple App Store or Google Play, at any time. One of the benefits of UpperCampus is that a student can continue using the platform and build their Blueprint throughout their entire educational journey. They don’t lose access to UpperCampus after high school or college graduation. If a school however reaches out to us, we will set you up with a free School Portal login, giving you advanced administrative functionality.


What is Alumni Mentor and how does it work?

One of the strongest assets for any school is their alumni network. Through our School Portal, our partner schools can engage their alumni to share content about the college they went to and why they liked it, what they are doing in their career today and how they got there, and any other relevant information they want to share with current students. Through Alumni Mentor, alumni can record videos and share their experiences with students.


What if we already use a different platform for college searches
and transcript delivery?

That’s great! We partner with many schools that use a variety of tools for other specific needs. As a mobile exploration platform that is similar to other social media platforms that students engage with everyday, we are a resource that is in the hip pocket of the student to foster their exploration anytime, anywhere. Think of us as a complementary resource to the tools you may already be using.


Are there any contracts that our school has to sign?

No. We can set up your School Portal immediately, and your students can start using the platform today.