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Best Holiday Gifts for a First-Year College Student

by Emily Tagaris, Product Specialist

As the holiday season approaches, the time to shop for gifts is here! If you are struggling with what to get your college student, here is a quick list of items that are sure to impress them:

Gift #1: As every college student knows, a cup of coffee or tea can go a long way. Gifting a large mug with a funny phrase, cute image, or pretty design may seem classic, yet it’s the perfect gift! Gifting a mug is the perfect way to remind a student of home, while also being practical.

Gift #2: You can never go wrong with gifting fuzzy cabin socks! For a college student, fuzzy socks are perfect to walk around their dorm room in, while also keeping their toes warm! Gifting socks with their college logo or a fun pattern is a simple and sweet gift!

Gift #3: During online classes, noise cancelling headphones have become practically essential, which makes them the perfect gift! Whether they are Apple AirPods, Bose headphones, or Dr. Dre’s Beats, I assure you they will be used constantly!

Gift #4: For the student that loves to sing, give them the gift of singing in the shower! Waterproof speakers are a perfect gift for a college student! Whether they use it at the beach, by the lake, or a near pool, listening to music is a constant in a student’s life.

Gift #5: Gifting a Hydro Flask or a Yeti rambler is an extremely useful gift! Keeping a drink warm in this cold season is a must, any insulated container would be the perfect gift! An extra idea is buying a custom painted water bottle (I recommend Etsy), or some stickers to personalize the gift!

Gift #6: Nowadays, no one watches TV! Whether a college student is streaming Netflix or watching Youtube, most students use their laptop. However, this makes watching shows with friends a challenge. Instead of buying an expensive TV, a mini projector is a cost-efficient way to watch entertainment!

Gift #7: Having a mini Keurig in a dorm room is cost-efficient for a student. Using k-cups instead of buying a cup of coffee will save a student a lot of money in the long-run. This makes a mini Keurig an ideal gift for a student, not only will it save them money, but it will also save them a trip to the coffee shop!

Gift #8: With coronavirus restrictions throughout the country, many colleges are asking students to restrict their interactions with others. This has led many students to spend an enormous amount of time in their dorm with their roommate or roommates. This makes gifting a fun card game like What Do You Meme? or Cards Against Humanity a great idea!


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