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Growing Up

by Tony Makaj, Product Specialist

Many times I drive by my old middle school or high school and reflect on the memories from that period in my life. In actuality, it was so long ago, but it often feels like it happened yesterday. I’m sure many of you who may be in college reflect upon this time in your life and wonder to yourselves, “Where did the time go?”

Growing out of adolescence into adulthood can be one of the most difficult times of a young person’s life. For some, it can feel like you can never fit the model of an “adult” that you have ingrained in your mind throughout your childhood. For example, you may find it bizarre to imagine yourself having your own home, car, a “grown-up” job, and perhaps family and children – it can feel surreal! Perhaps even more so once you finally secure that full-time position, go off to graduate school, or undergo any other “grown-up” endeavor.

As apprehensive as you might be, growing up is an endearing part of life. You now have the opportunity to reflect on your experiences, how your character has developed, or how your social circles have changed throughout the years. Of course, these have large impacts on your personal development, and these are great indicators of how you’ve matured. Additionally, it’s very important to look ever onward; while reflection is a good thing, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of self-loathing and an inability to let go of the past. Keep in mind that although it constantly may seem as if you’re running out of time, in reality you have a lot of great years ahead of you filled with opportunity and excitement. There is absolutely no shortage of possibilities for high school and college students, and all of the people in your life are excited to see what you will make of them.

We at UpperCampus are devoted to providing you with the tools and resources you need to succeed in a “grown-up” market of college and career possibilities. While we see this as imperative to your career development, it’s always important to pay equally as much attention to your personal growth. Exercise and social interaction are great ways to unwind from the pressure that the real world applies on us, despite having guilt over not being constantly productive. Opportunities come and go, but your experiences and your personal growth will last a lifetime.


Dec 21, 2023

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Nov 29, 2023

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Nov 09, 2023

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Nov 02, 2023

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Aug 08, 2023

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