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New Year’s Resolutions for Students

by Aggie Swituszak, Product Specialist

With the year 2020 coming to a close, it is time to come up with resolutions for next year. But what should they even be? As high school and college students our lives couldn't be more uncertain, especially during the pandemic. Trying to make the most of next year, here are some realistic resolutions for us to tackle in the year 2021:

Take photos: Whether it is with family or friends, take photos! Buy a disposable camera at a CVS or download a free app like “1 Second Everyday” to document your life. Whether or not school is remote, documenting a small happy part of each day will be entertaining to look back at when it’s pieced all together.

Pay attention in school: With online classes, it is easy to pause the lecture video, take out your phone, and play a game. Try turning your phone off during class, putting it somewhere else when you are sitting at your desk, or putting the ringer on silent. It is amazing how much you can learn when not watching TikTok during your calculus lecture!

Make time for yourself: With COVID and schoolwork, it is easy to forget to make time for self-care. Pick up a small hobby such as running, going for walks, or meditating to keep yourself grounded and head clear. It could even be as simple as buying yourself a gift, getting your hair/nails done, or putting a face mask on.

Try something new: In this time of uncertainty, we still need to grow and experience life. Buy a food you have never had before at the grocery store, try a new video game, or buy a product that interests you. If you lose an eyebrow in the process, you will be in the safety of your home so no one will notice!

Learn more about yourself: What is your favorite move? Favorite book? Some of us (including myself) struggle to find a definitive answer to these questions. Learn more about yourself to find answers to these trivial questions.

Talk to someone new: If you are remote or at home, then you know the struggle of forming new relationships. Believe it or not, other people are struggling with the same thing. Message someone on social media, text a friend to reconnect, or even find friends through a common interest!

Be kind: Be gentle with yourself and with others. It is easy to judge others and yourself, but we must be reminded of the hardships faced this year. There is no “surviving 2020-21 guide” and we are all adapting in our own ways.

For this upcoming year, let's set some obtainable goals. Although it is so much easier to give up, it will be all the more rewarding when you have stuck to a few “simple” resolutions. These resolutions can be hard, however, trying to find the small wonders of our everyday lives can make it all the more enjoyable.


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