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TikToker Spotlight: Sutherlanphys and Hankgreen1

by Aggie Swituszak, Product Specialist

TikTok is a melting pot of all kinds of content, from fashion, dog videos, to Marvel theories. With all of these funny/interesting videos, there is also a bunch of educational content from companies, career professionals, and professors. One TikToker in particular, Sutherlandphys, creates humorous as well as educational videos about physics and related STEM topics.

Chris Sutherland, a physics professor at USC, works to provide educational satire from the perspective of teachers and professors. He also produces content about physics theories and physics debunking of viral videos. His videos, though more leaning to the satire side, still hold some information and a breath of fresh air knowing that professors are “just like us”. He also has a platform on Instagram pushing his physics related content and inspiring the STEM students of tomorrow.

Hank Green is a well known content creator and I am sure we have all seen one “Crash Course” YouTube video of his at school. Crash Course is a well vetted review channel on YouTube that he and his brother John Green founded. Though his TikTok account is not Crash Course, he continues to educate the public about the world of science. He works to discuss and educate the TikTok community about all things science, from evolution to chemistry. He uses his platforms to answer science questions his followers submit and overall fun facts/theories within the science community.

As someone who is a STEM student, I enjoy their content immensely. As the labs and harder STEM courses add up, it is easy to feel discouraged or wanting to just drop out of the STEM program. Getting to see content creators who have accomplished these careers and are shedding light on how fun and “trendy” having a STEM career can be is a breath of fresh air. It is important to have role models in the field you one day wish to have. Not only will they keep you motivated, but further inspire and drive you to achieve your goals and become just like them.

If you are looking for new content on TikTok, I highly recommend checking out Sutherlandphys and Hankgreen1. Both make learning about science entertaining and you may not even notice you are learning while you watch.


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