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Working for a Start-Up Company

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

by Amaliya Rakhmatullina, Product Specialist

UpperCampus, among many other companies, is a start-up. By definition, this means it was founded by one or more eager entrepreneurs and aims to bring a novel product to the market. Working for a start-up is unique from working for a big company, and the differences are noticeable in a variety of ways.

First and foremost, the work environment is unlike any other. Leaders of the company strive to create a stimulating workspace that fosters creativity and business growth. This business model encourages open communication as well as collaboration between coworkers. This invigorating environment not only strengthens professional relationships, but allows a great deal of professional growth. Oftentimes, startups will emphasize individual responsibilities to see the capabilities of their workers. This might mean venturing outside of the originally presented job description. While daunting, this can be an incredibly beneficial learning experience.

Practically speaking, the hours working for a start-up are much more flexible than that of a big company. Working from home might even be possible- especially in the COVID-19 era. This is directly related to the close professional relationships I previously mentioned. If you are well acquainted with your boss, they are more likely to be accommodating to any issues that may arise. In a similar vein, if you have issues with any coworkers it is much easier to voice your concerns.

Lastly, on a more cheesy note, working for a startup is incredibly gratifying because you get to see your hard work pay off and see the company thrive. When I started working for UpperCampus, the content manager team consisted of myself and three other high school seniors. Now, as a sophomore in college, the team consists of 10+ individuals of various ages and educational backgrounds. It is riveting seeing schools get on board with the company, and is exciting to think about the impact UpperCampus can have in the future. I’m forever grateful for the things I have gained while working for UpperCampus, and would recommend working for a start-up company for anyone who is lucky enough to have the same opportunity.


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