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Interested in Becoming a School Partner?

Meet with an UpperCampus team member to learn more about how we partner with schools.

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Better Insights Lead to Better Relationships: UpperCampus Connect

UpperCampus Connect allows administrators of partner schools to schedule upcoming events, create custom content for their students, and even see in-depth reporting that showcases who & what their students are engaging with, providing a fun and interactive experience for all.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Publish custom content directly into the UpperCampus Explore student app 

  • Video Creation tools to activate alumni network 

  • School level reporting

  • Individual student reporting

  • CTE requirement tracking

  • Custom calendar functionality

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Rewrite the Narrative Around Interview Preparation with UpperCampus Prep

Instead of memorizing formulaic responses and freezing up in the moment, Prep helps students tell their stories— talk about their strengths and weaknesses, discuss past professional and personal experiences that have impacted and inspired them, and articulate what they bring to the table— in a concise and meaningful way. 


Each UpperCampus Prep challenge includes a creative exercise to complete in an allotted amount of time. Students will get comfortable thinking on their feet, speaking on camera, and crafting authentic and unique responses to common questions. 


After a student completes an UpperCampus Prep challenge, their video is submitted for feedback from career services advisors, teachers, school alumni, and UpperCampus career coaches. This way, constructive feedback is easily accessible and can have a direct impact on the evolution of the student as a speaker, job candidate, and storyteller.

Learn More About Becoming a School Partner

Meet with an UpperCampus team member to learn more about how we partner with schools.

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