UpperCampus is free for all high schools, colleges and students. Schedule a demo with one of our team members to learn more.

Better understand your student body. Cultivate better relationships.

The UpperCampus School Portal is provides dashboards and tools that are personalized specifically for your school's needs and provides unique insights and trends into the career activity and preferences of your student body.


The platform allows you to better understand individual students in an efficient and organized manner, allowing you to manage meaningful relationships with them. 

Improve how your school and students interact with alumni

Alumni Mentor allows your school to engage alumni and provide a unique learning experience for students. By sending a simple link, alumni can record short videos providing advice, guidance, and career insights to your student body. 

Communicate with your student body and improve engagement

Stories allow your career services or counseling office to engage your student body by posting customized content that appears on student feeds.


Your office can notify and remind students of upcoming career events or company visits on campus. You can also post polls and questionnaires to hear directly from your student body and better understand their career needs. 

Promote your university and attract new students

Students have the ability to search and explore various college profiles. Colleges and universities can populate their school profiles with content specific to admissions, degree programs or social media links.

The School Portal gives your office the ability to customize your school profile and with promotional material to help increase brand awareness and drive enrollment. . 

Download Our Getting Started Guide

Our Official Getting Start Guide provides all the information you need to get your school on board! 

Transition to Remote and Hybrid Learning With Playbook

The UpperCampus Playbook, the future of career exploration, is a collection of activities that promote self discovery, career exploration, and future planning in engaging ways.


The activities can be assigned remotely, with students uploading their progress to their UpperCampus Student Blueprint. This way, they can complete these exercises in the classroom, with a counselor, or in their living rooms. 

Learn more about becoming a school partner

Meet with an UpperCampus team member to learn more about how we partner with schools and provide the platform as a free resource. 

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