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Get the Most Out of Your Next Early Talent Recruiting Event

At UpperCampus, we look at the student journey as a string of events that ultimately leads each individual to a fulfilling career. These events can be anything from exploring future jobs, building personal development skills, practicing for an interview, deciding on post-secondary schooling, attending college and career fairs, and eventually applying for a job position. 


It's these events that are integral life-stages for each and every student, and what UpperCampus strives to make more interactive, personal and meaningful for both the student and the employer. 


UpperCampus is an early talent communication platform that reimagines the recruiting & talent acquisition process for employers, making it easier than ever to establish quality connections with candidates.

Career Fairs

Your time is valuable, and when you only have a few minutes to connect with student candidates, every moment counts. Better engage students before, during, and after virtual or in-person career fairs. 

Mock Interviews

Enhance your mentorship by offering students a mock interview experience centered around the most important part of mock interviews: feedback.

Panels & Speaking Events

Elevate your next panel or speaking event by allowing interested and motivated students to submit short videos introducing themselves and expressing why they are passionate about your company. 

Networking Events & Hiring Mixers

With a simple QR code scan, candidates can leave you a personalized video introduction attached to their resumes and portfolios.

Job Postings

Let prospective candidates submit a short video along with their resume and hear directly from the source who they are, why they’re qualified, and why your company is right for them.

Managing New Hires

Eliminate ghosting and stay in touch with new hires by sending them personal video check-ins and get to know them better through fun and interactive questions. 

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