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Learning To Celebrate Life During a Pandemic

by Aggie Swituszak, Product Specialist

From the new normal we are living in, people are finding new and inventive ways to celebrate milestones and life in general. Weddings, births, and birthdays are still happening every day, but just aren’t celebrated in the same way they used to be. Though living in this COVID-19 pandemic for almost a year, it can still be hard to celebrate such events from a distance or through a screen. Days that should have been filled with dancing, loud noises, and hugging are reduced to video calls or limited members.

What egged me to write this blog post was seeing my roommate learn that she is an aunt over a phone call. Though she did not seem upset, it was evident that she would much rather be at the hospital with her sister getting to hold her niece for the first time, rather than just a short clip of the baby through the phone screen. The pandemic may have stopped a lot, but it has not stopped us aging and achieving life milestones. Though this milestone is not something everyone will experience, we can all relate to having experienced some remote celebration during this year; a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or a prom.

Though her experience is personal to her, she is definitely not the first person to have to celebrate a milestone remotely. I have seen videos all over the internet of online weddings, birthday Zoom calls, and grandparents meeting their grandchild through the window of their home. These celebrations, though different than before, are no less important nor significant. As physically divided we may be, we are still emotionally there and celebrating!

I think the lesson here is that although we may not physically be with each other, it does not mean that we are not there for one another. It is important to understand that celebrating life can mean and look like a multitude of things, but as long as it's filled with love and laughter, the celebration is done right. During this pandemic, every day should be celebrated. Try and take time out of your day to acknowledge how much you have grown this past year, what you have learned, and what you have gained.


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