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The Innovative Platform for Career & Workforce Development

Connect With Local Talent


We continue to see communities— at the state level, the city level, and more— looking for new methods to  localize their workforce development efforts and engage employers in new ways. At the same time, local high schools, colleges, and other organizations are looking for new tools to help show early talent candidates not only what careers are possible, but what it means to work at some of the great companies in their area.


The UpperCampus career exploration platform allows state and local workforce boards to deliver new digital resources to their communities, improving early talent pipelines and retaining some of the best and brightest in their area. Students can explore companies and careers right in their own backyards, and are equipped with the tools to seize those opportunities upon graduation. 

To learn more about how we can drive your workforce development efforts forward, please contact us at


Workforce Development Case Study:

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Student Benefits

  • Relevant Tools & Access: Students have easy and direct access to local employer information delivered in an engaging & creative format.

  • Local Experiences: Students will be able to attend virtual & in-person events created exclusively for them, & can explore both professional & lifestyle opportunities right here in Connecticut.

  • Personal Connections: Students and employers can have 1:1 conversations and build more meaningful connections easier than ever before.

In the fall of 2021, AdvanceCT & the Governor’s Workforce Council launched CampusCT, a digital experience built exclusively for Connecticut students by technology partner UpperCampus. CampusCT aims to increase awareness of the state’s innovative employers as well as give students a personal experience where they can scroll through content related to company & career opportunities in our great state, various lifestyle activities, professional networking, & all the happenings in our communities,  & the connections & the relationships needed to put down roots in Connecticut.

In year one, CampusCT onboarded over 75,000 Connecticut students and over 350,000 career stories were viewed. 18 employers signed on to the initiative, able to build & establish brand awareness to the 75,000+ Connecticut students.  

Employers had the opportunity to be amongst the first to reach local students through the 

engaging digital channels UpperCampus provides. Local recruiting is also an important part

to strengthen retention rates due to local student relationships. 

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