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What is UpperCampus? 

UpperCampus is a career learning and success platform that bridges the gaps between the three stages of the student journey:

Exploration, Preparation, and Connection.


How it Works

Students begin at registration by selecting their favorite subjects, interests, and employers.


Why Use UpperCampus?


We want to make your student journey as inspiring and comprehensive as possible. We will help you explore the opportunities out there, prepare for your chosen path, and connect with the people and companies that will help you flourish. Get started with the UpperCampus app!

Download Career Learning app on Apple Store
Download career learning app on Google Play

We’re here to support you while you support your students. We offer easy-to-use interfaces for school counselors, CTE Faculty, career services, and teachers to use with our UpperCampus app and the UpperCampus Prep console.


Finding the right talent can be a challenge, and getting them up to speed on your company and their role takes time. Start nurturing your next pool of talent early, and lead them right to your doorstep.

What Others Are Saying

"UpperCampus has become an instrumental part of our guidance curriculum.  In the past, our career exploration in class has been limited.  Now UpperCampus has opened a door of opportunities for our students and even our counselors. Students are able to see the numerous avenues of employment related to their potential career path.  This has given our counselors an opportunity to discuss what college programs best suit our students' career interests.


In turn, UpperCampus is allowing our students to make a more informed decision when it comes to their post secondary plans. In addition, students are drawn to its design compatibility to the many popular apps used currently by Generation Z."


Paul Carty

Principal, Archbishop Stepinac High School

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