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Employers have stories to tell.
Students want
to hear them.

Students Have Plenty of Questions

UpperCampus is a free AI powered career exploration platform built for all students, helping  to educate, guide, & inspire them as they navigate their educational and career journey.  


The Career Development Process is Failing Students

It's no secret that the majority of students are unprepared when it comes to their future career direction, despite investing tremendous amounts of time and money to "figure it out".  At the same time, employers are spending valuable time and resources on early talent candidates who reject their offers or leave within the first year of employment.

We can't rely solely on our schools to prepare our students for the real world. It's time for employers to step in and help educate our students through workplace stories and experiences. In doing so, employers can inspire students to pursue fulfilling careers  and help them to make more informed career decisions. 

Our Solution

Most products out there for students are either matriculation focused or generic job boards. The tools that provide exploration and preparation capabilities are typically outdated and not engaging. UpperCampus takes a different approach: employers know exactly what it takes to work in their industry or for their company, so why not let the experts mentor and nurture our future employees in an engaging and meaningful way? And if that doesn't work.... let AI help with the student questions and conversation.

UpperCampus Explore

Help students discover you.

UpperCampus Prep

Give the gift of feedback.


Activate your network.

UpperCampus Events

Connect with top candidates.


Value For Employers & Students

Brand Building

Employers can create engaging, custom learning experiences for students  and provide one place for them to explore your company and future opportunities for them there. 

Social Impact

Give students the gift of feedback and the ability to prepare for their future like never before at no cost to them or their school. 

Personal Connections

Create quality 1:1 conversations with candidates by allowing them to submit videos about their education, work experience, desired career path, and why they want to work for your company. 

Streamlined Process

Save valuable time connecting with student candidates from select schools, accessing engagement reporting, and filtering through interesting candidates.

Student Engagement 

Engage and mentor students on mobile, desktop,  at virtual or in-person recruiting events, or even in the classroom. UpperCampus provides tools for student candidates to stay highly engaged in new ways.

The Innovative Platform for Career & Workforce Development

Connect Students
with Local Opportunities 

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What Others Are Saying

"UpperCampus has become an instrumental part of our guidance curriculum.  In the past, our career exploration in class has been limited.  Now UpperCampus has opened a door of opportunities for our students and even our counselors. Students are able to see the numerous avenues of employment related to their potential career path.  This has given our counselors an opportunity to discuss what college programs best suit our students' career interests.


In turn, UpperCampus is allowing our students to make a more informed decision when it comes to their post secondary plans. In addition, students are drawn to its design compatibility to the many popular apps used currently by Generation Z."


Paul Carty

Principal, Archbishop Stepinac High School

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