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Simply put, we put the power of exploring endless career path possibilities in the hands of students.

At UpperCampus, we assist high school and college students in gaining access to information about every career imaginable, so that they can begin their exploration process early and make more informed decisions about their educational choices and job selection.  

As a mobile platform, UpperCampus enables students to explore all career opportunities that exist, far beyond those that they have been exposed to in their immediate networks.  Our algorithm optimizes content based on interest levels and engagement, providing a trusted source to complement a student's journey. 


UpperCampus is designed to bridge the gaps that exist between the student trying to learn about all possible career paths, the universities that will help prepare them for that career, and the employer that is looking to nurture their next cohort of talent earlier in the search and selection process.

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How Does UpperCampus Work?


Students create custom profiles centered on interests, favorite school subjects, interesting companies, and other criteria. 


Companies post stories related to their people, mission, culture and career opportunities, showcasing their brand. It is these stories that help educate our students on a possible future.


High schools and universities have access to administrative dashboards allowing them to view reports and post engaging content that is delivered to students based on their interests. 


UpperCampus delivers personalized stories to each student from various companies, filtering relevant career content to each user.  From this, students have the opportunity to engage with the content as well as connect with universities that offer programs targeted at these fields of work.


Students can also hear from and engage with individuals in the workforce today, from alumni to targeted company employees, hearing directly about their careers and the path that led them there. This informs students to tailor their education and internship experiences to benefit their career of choice. 


Why Use UpperCampus?



We want to help you find that dream job.  But before we do, we want to help you learn all you can about that job, and more importantly, what that means in the context of your longer term career.  What is it, what is it all about, and what employers are out there looking to hire you to do that job.  UpperCampus provides you a guided exploration experience.



We work closely with your guidance counselors and career services departments, providing tools and metrics to assist in creating better opportunities and outcomes for your students.



Finding the right talent can be a challenge.  Getting them up to speed on your company and their role takes time.  Start nurturing your next pool of talent early, and lead them right to your doorstep.


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