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Making the Most of Remote Education

by Amaliya Rakhmatullina, Content Manager

In the era of COVID-19, students of all ages have had to deal with unforeseen changes to their educational journey. As we have all discovered, online classes are nothing like in-person classesit’s a different experience entirely. I put together a list of some ways to navigate these changes to make your own transition a bit smoother.

Girl holding phone with red phone case

1. Virtual Communication

From Zoom office hours to group Facetime calls to study, modern technology has made it possible to stay connected with both faculty and other students from anywhere. Professors and teachers nationwide have made changes to their teaching methods to accommodate students in these unprecedented times. Although it’s not the same as going to the library with friends, online chats still serve as valuable ways to bounce information off of one another. Remember that communication in alternative methods is still very much possible.

2. Online Resources

A silver lining of remote education is access to a plethora of online resources. From study tools such as Quizlet and Chegg, the use of such platforms will be encouraged and embraced during this period of remote education. Enrolled students often receive discounts from such websites; reach out to your school to see how you can take advantage of these resources!

3. Environments That Foster Learning

Being back at home is challenging for many students. Some find it difficult motivating themselves to commit to their academics when in the comfort of their childhood room, and others struggle to find a quiet space in a house full of family members. A way to combat this? Designate an area specifically for your studies! Even something as simple as a desk in a separate room can help your brain go into “work mode” when you go there. Can't secure a room to yourself? Designating a specific area to your studies can work just as well.

4. Organization

Now more than ever good organizational skills can make or break your learning experience. You don’t have teachers in front of you to make sure you’re staying on top of your studies, so the pressure is all on you. Take this time to develop your time management, grow your independence and self-discipline, and see how this control can transform your grades!


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