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Music: Can it Help You Study?

by Aidan Benjamin, Content Manager

Have you ever tried listening to music while you study? Research shows that listening to music while studying can both help you concentrate and also decrease your stress and anxiety levels! Listening to music while studying is proven to decrease your blood pressure and your heart rate.

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How do I know that the music won’t distract me?

Music won’t distract you if you are listening to the right type of music. If you decide to listen to your favorite song or a playlist of your favorite music, you will actually be less productive than you would have been in silence. On the other hand, if you listen to music with no words, such as Beethoven or Mozart, your ability to concentrate will increase, and your stress will decrease.

What if I don’t want to listen to boring classical music?

There is plenty of other instrumental music out there, and you just have to search for the right music. It could be found in movie soundtracks, or even finding playlists online of elevator music to soothe you. Every genre of music can be found without lyrics somewhere on the internet today. If you are desperate, you can even search up “music to study to” and something is bound to pop up!

Is there anything else that music can help with?

Yes! Music can also help with memorization. This is backed up by the Mozart effect theory, which states that listening to Mozart can enhance your intelligence. It is more commonly known in its relation to babies, where if babies listen to Mozart they will be smarter.

Will listening to music while studying really work?

Overall, this “studying music” is meant to help soothe you and help you concentrate. Think of it like being in a spa, listening to soothing music to help your mental health. Music can do this in the most stressful of times, helping you relax and take a deep breath before studying some more. You have to find the music that is right for you, especially since music impacts each person in a different way. Whether it be classical music or EDM music, whatever can reduce your anxiety and help you study will overall be in your best interest.

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