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The Many Careers That Help Others

by Agatha Swituszak, Product Specialist

It is not always easy to volunteer or help others. Whether it is a busy schedule, limited money to spare, or other personal reasons, being able to give back is not a luxury everyone has. Although volunteering is always needed, the term “helping others” does not have to mean volunteering or donating money. Many careers incorporate interacting with people every day and lets people make a direct impact within communities. Here are a few examples!

Medical Assistant: Becoming a medical assistant is a great way to connect and help your community. Requiring an Associate’s Degree (or less depending on the state), as a medical assistant you get direct patient interactions in the waiting rooms, work with prescriptions, and help them get the coverage they need. If you are an assistant in a clinical setting, your responsibilities go even further and you may be tasked with assisting nursing staff, conducting basic tests, and working with medical equipment such as X-rays.

Exercise Scientist/Trainer/Nutritionist: These careers allow you to help others live their healthiest lives and stay active. Though these careers need bachelors degrees, studying and earning one of these jobs is rewarding. Teaching others that eating right, doing small workouts, and helping athletes with injuries helps the community stay healthy and in good health is an important message. Being proactive about health will help prevent health issues down the road, consider working in these fields to help prevent future ailments!

Human Resources: Love helping others solve problems? Consider going into human resources! This vast career field lets you train new employees, deal with co-worker conflict, and help with any issues a customer may have. In human resources, you get to represent a large company while being a professional problem-solver.

Teacher: As a teacher or teaching aide, you will have a direct impact on the problem solvers of tomorrow. Depending on the position and level of education, you may need a Masters degree, however, you are able to work in an environment where you are constantly shaping minds and impacting the community. A career cannot get much more impactful than this!

Aside from this short list, all careers help others in some way. It could be cleaning someone’s home, helping someone’s pet, or even working behind a cashier to sell someone the groceries they need to feed their family. No matter what career path you go down, you are always making an impact in others’ lives. If helping others is something you want to do as a career, take a look at the UpperCampus app and do some digging with the keywords “helping others”!

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Ed Gentry
Ed Gentry
Jul 03, 2021

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