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Top 7 Halloween Traditions

by Riley Cronin, Content Manager

With Halloween right around the corner, there are many things you can do to get into the spirit. Here's a list of a few spooky season favorites!

  1. Watch a Movie. There are so many different Halloween-themed movies out there, but some of the ones I have to watch every year are Halloweentown and Return to Halloweentown. I cannot go through the month of October without watching them at least once.

  2. Go to a Pumpkin Patch. This is a great way to spend time with your friends or family. It is also a great opportunity to take pictures and have memories forever!

  3. Carving or Painting Pumpkins. This is a fun activity to do with your family at any age. Once the pumpkins are completely finished you can roast the seeds from the inside and have a fun, festive snack!

  4. Trick or Treating. This is probably the most obvious tradition, but it's one of the most important ones on this list. Picking your costume and getting all dressed up to walk around the neighborhood with your friends and family is what makes Halloween so memorable. Don’t forget to pick the biggest pillowcase possible so that you can collect the most candy you can!

  5. Haunted House. This is a Halloween classic. It is a must to get scared during the month of October. Going with you friends to a haunted house is a memory that will last forever.

  6. Hay Ride. This is a great tradition for those who aren't super into scary movies or excursions like haunted houses. Taking a hay ride through a corn maze or pumpkin patch is the perfect event to get into the fall season spirit.

  7. Spooky Cookies. Baking over the holidays is the best way to spend time with your family. The Pillsbury spooky cookies are a must to get into the Halloween spirit! I can't remember a Halloween where I didn't ask my mom to buy them so we could make them together. It's a great way to have fun and have a great dessert at the same time.

All of these are ideas that can be used for you to start new traditions or to continue old ones. They are all great ways to spend time with your family and friends, the best part of the holiday season!

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